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Or pants, or even (shorts) if you prefer.


This is the menu link page to a collection of short stories and snippets, butt some of them are long-johns.

  • And some dirty little Indians are down right bloody insightful.

Rider: Sorry, but (knickers) are so horrid: they should be banned, and then (the Knicker [singular] Police) formed. Who would then be gainfully employed to go round and check up to make sure that women aren’t wearing them, and those who aren’t: certainly won’t be the ones suffering from Thrush, that’s basically the induction and production of infectious yeasts, yeasts that the dry weave crutch in knickers allow to flourish and multiply: forcing you to buy creams and sprays to quell the mighty stinking itching chasm, .. (because that’s wot’ knickers do to your lady quiff.) Scratch scratch, now go and wash your hands.

It ain’t her’reditary, it’s his’reditary, and he’s bloody well behind it: flogging you yet more and more ‘Product’ and useless stuff that you simply don’t need: so take them oft’ once in a while, and then go longer.

Periods are a right royal bloody pain, but you can deal with them conventionally for three days; then enjoy the freedom as your mothers mothers mothers did, (and then all the way back to the first woman called Ruth.) It’s healthier.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


In this bottom section: we will now expose the bare faced snotty little kids, that thou mayhap have many demanding childish links to their weary solitary parent called ( Knickers ) that do most humbly reside above.

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April 2021

young type of gypsy girl in mediative thought

The simple wave file that I’ve simply created, is a short into from chapter one of Gennaro’s Children: it also demonstrates the superb voice called AMY from INOVA.

Extract From, .. UA - Bk I

clip:- "these three days out from Purr’louver city: be a sorry tale of woe and betrayal, and now I find myself trapped a thousand foot up in the air, and held in the bowels of an ancient cargo carrier that's thousand foot long: the airship is called the Parr’Sol, but there's not a gas bag insight."

Commented Code Page on how this grid-site was constructed.