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Well done time-Warrior in passing through the many challenges, and not forgetting the insurmountable obstacles of the impossible to crack password, to finally get to the secret inner sanctum sanctorum. Which in my ethereal domain, is a day-care-center where I have placed my cherished waif like elven-file-children for safe keeping.

The type of elusive ephemeral kiddie that you're hunting is:- ZIP - used in a computer

Who is a bonny-wee-bairn that I've lovingly named as, ..

My writeOn theme. ( note: it's still under construction, but now ready for coders to play with. )

To get your outstretched salivating claws my sweet tiny nnocent little ichild, and actually hold it to your loving bosom, then simply click the wee-baby-adoption link found below.

Get My Child Here.

Jessica says thanks!
For making a happy nappy changing happening happen.
Praise be the ORI.