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wot the question


Hi’ — Yar, yar — All!

This unworthy naked ape bids you a warm and happy salutation to my unsullied bookish website, but wot’ a sight it is to behold, as I’m sure you must agree.

AND – Yes! – You’d naturally assume that I’d drawn my very loose inspiration for this website’s design from *that*  TV show, (spit!), which be’ a monumental program of such ‘Paramount’ importance, that I can’t even name the wretched thing for fear of copyright infringement reasons, but I can state here: hand on heart, — that your natural assumption on its overall inception would be wrong.
This here be’ the true reason me’ hearties, as to why I can freely use this particular outline concept with legal impunity.

I call this design the mCars theme, .. which stands for:-

(M)atrix (C)ontrol and (R)etrieval (S)ystem.

Warping the copyright act to a max-factor of 10:-

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Wrapping up the warped copyright condition:-

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Warped left handed menus for a copping a quick feel:-

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Outlining the Fertile Crescent:- 

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These web pages, by default, contain a running break down of the ever onward progress of the Children’s series of adult books.

Most of which is in fact written out, (well sort of), but they all lack that final re-write to make them mildly presentable for taking the self publishing route online.

Historically:- many many moons ago, I stupidly tried the, – publishing and be damned thingy with me’ books, .. it didn’t go well.

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Current considerations:- the Unintentional Aquanaut has a few books in various standard formats ready to be freely downloaded from this site.

This gregarious-typing-monkey (living-out-here in no-mans, – no womans-land), has finally got stuck into the Emerald Scrolls, and that story-line alone links back through all of the books. Which means that once the corrupted twisting twisted plot-line kinks are finally worked out, .. then I’ll be able to re-write the entire series, .. (backwards.)

Gennaro’s Children and Underworld’s Children, are so very close, but I simply haven’t got the time to polish them up. Wanna job? – No pay! – But at least you can get to find out what (happened), not happens you’ll note.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


Footnote, .. You can actually see inside my on-line editing workshop — located at the bottom of the central iconic list, but unfortunately: you won’t be able to use the facilities held therein.


For a start, well done in even noticing the small insignificant little clicking link.

Anyhow, this is just a friendly head's up folks!

My website is under construction:-

Meaning: that you may, (or may not), get to the area that you wish to get to.

Especially where the Nexus is concerned.

Also, features and rollovers are being added almost daily. -- So please don't expect a flawless experience when actually operating the mCars control panel itself.

Please use the Contact-Page if you run into any major issues.

Thanks for taking the time, Jessica:
Praise be the ORI.

Site-usage: click the Book-Stand icons on the right to open the series’ respective pages.

The colored menu boxes on the sidebar, link to mindless (articles) of the faithless mind.

Below that, you can increase the size of the website's text by using the Powder-Room font resizer.

When you see a [read more] menu, it opens up additional dropdown text.

Hope it helped: Callie, and in fact any other lost souls (in) not knowing which way to go from here on (in.)

This is a (kiss-n-tell-tale) like no other, because its snarling drawn back puckered lips covered in blood, speaks quite elegantly of a Never-Ending-Story.

An ongoing narrative that concerns the missing time-line of our own history, a cherished past that’s been callously ripped up and torn to shreds: which means that we are all living the lie, but none of us even know it.

This heinous crime against mankind was committed by a mysterious terrorist group, that the tCouncil from our distant future; have simply called (the Others), and that’s simply because in all of known time; no one has ever come forward and claimed responsibility for totally disgracing God’s most holy master plan for humanity, ..

Here we are, .. (Masters of the Universe), .. and also at the very start, that eventually saw God’s perfect master-plan left in tatters in one hellish place, but right inside another sacred dimension: the graceful heavenly undertaking mapped out for humanity was hopelessly lost.

In the opening unguarded void, the human-race independently evolved and grew strong on the unsanctioned planet.

Resulting in the (Children of God) knowing their true place in the universe, a place where the superior aliens forged a profitable path out into the ever expanding trading cosmos, but this wasn’t written in the stars: this Utopia wasn’t part of the holy edict that God had envisaged for mankind, this version of hell would ultimately end in tears.

The holy monk of God and their many monkley screams of despair is clearly heard, but who is screaming? You, .. in observing it! – Or  is it going on all around you? – Are you mad? – Or is it all madness!

God’s holy Plan ‘B’ has been activated, .. which she’s officially described as her ultimate solution to (the Other) mess.

Unfortunately, it also has the undesirable side-effect of triggering the total biological destruction of all life on Earth, but this mental pause has halted it: because [ you ] my dear reader, are the consummate consumer that eventually triggers it.

Everything has a beginning, even God had her own creation story, but this unholy origin tale was found buried in the back end of a lower slurry bed filing cabinet, physically located under the bogs designation drive.

Its dubious location can not be legally challenged either, because the holy index system used on the first forbidden tome doesn’t lie, the encryption employed on the encrusted bowel tumblers physically can’t: its bound.

After fully digesting the first explosive scroll, it becomes apparent why this report was buried as it was, the compact story that’s been laid out bare here; loosely describes how our corrupted time-line really got passed, parasitic worms and all.

May 2021

young type of gypsy girl in mediative thought

The simple wave file that I’ve simply created, is a short into from chapter one of Gennaro’s Children: it also demonstrates the superb voice called AMY from INOVA.

Extract From, .. UA - Bk I

clip:- "these three days out from Purr’louver city: be a sorry tale of woe and betrayal, and now I find myself trapped a thousand foot up in the air, and held in the bowels of an ancient cargo carrier that's thousand foot long: the airship is called the Parr’Sol, but there's not a gas bag insight."

Commented Code Page on how this grid-site was constructed.