Humanities dirty little secret

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Written by:- MJS

In this bloody diabolical wandering of the mind. I want you to consider the clothing that you are wearing, a robed woman sat aloneand as a woman reading this: then I can practically guarantee that you are wearing it, but as a man casually perusing this article, (as men often do), then they are wearing something else entirely different, but don’t know why! – The clothing in question is outerwear, comprising of the fine fitting trousers, that compliments the loose flowing skirts, and its this differing clothing that defines us.

In fact, neither of the mighty sexes here know why they are wearing them as they do, and to find out: then we must progress backwards to the dawn of time, whereby we can spy upon some sorts of upright backwards monkey-Man, dressed proudly in a fine handsome loin cloth: that’s wrapped loosely round its fine handsome groin.

A handsome soul whose entire life is reliant on grubbing around in the undergrowth for a living in some dank forest, or even sweltering under the blazing sun on some hellish savannah plain.

But that’s not us, is it? No, we are much more than that.
– We are refined.
We are a lot more, much more than that description of the simpleton described above; whose barbaric nature is something to be pitied.

Because, You and I : ( Dear Reader ), are obviously superior, and we really are!

No, the above argument isn’t a side split condition of sarcasm, and I’m sorry to say this, but that fine handsome monkey-Man has no idea what planet he is on, (literally). Nor does he actually know the meaning of the word of God: his own primitive beliefs, are from his hard earned simple-held-views, all gleaned from his own barbaric surroundings, and simply nothing more.

Whereas ours, are a set of balanced views; all taught to us by our most learn’d worldly teachers, worldly views that we’ve all taken to heart as a basis of our own sound logical and sensible place in the ever expanding universe.

** And that sound fact sets us up quite nicely dearly be’loved.

Now, with our proven intelligence: we can all collectively realise that we have the ability to follow an argument on through to its forgone conclusion.

With the conclusion leading us back to our clothing.
– When was it invented?

Seventeenth century? Weaving became an industry, and that built Britain into the force it became, but we were wearing clothes long before that, because even Jesus wore them.

** And he was crucified wearing nothing but a loin-cloth.

Don’t believe me? Check out your local church, there will be an idol of an almost naked man hanging around in there somewhere.

So in seeing that loinclothed man, then you have to ask yourself, just how long have we (collectively), been wearing woven clothes.

We Need To Go Back Even Further.

In the Bible, Job and Moses were described as wearing clothes, as was Joseph and his amazing multi coloured cloak, so just how far back do we have to go, to actually see (Humans) *not* wearing clothes.


All we currently have, is the stone writings and pictures that the Egyptians left behind.

** There is nothing earlier, but there are some older unearthed graves with cloth in that’s wrapped round the deceased.

Below is a picture showing a woman playing a game. It’s dated to about 3,500 BC.
(that’s five thousand five hundred years ago.)

The description of the page says, After a long day’s work along the Nile River, Egyptians often relaxed by playing board games. Several different games were played, including “Mehen” and “Dogs and Jackals,” but perhaps the most popular was a game of chance known as “Senet.” This pastime dates back as far as 3,500 B.C. and was played on a long board painted with 30 squares. Each player had a set of pieces that were moved along the board according to the rolls of dice or the throwing sticks. Historians still debate Senet’s exact rules, but there is little doubt of the game’s popularity. Paintings depict Queen Nefertari playing Senet, and pharaohs like Tutankhamen even had game boards buried with them in their tombs.

Here’s the link, ..

More on old Egypt, ..

The reign of the Egyptian Pharaohs *starts* from (about) 4,000 BC, which is just seven thousand years ago from our own perspective.

The NOW Time!

We know for a fact, that modern humans were all happily living in Europe a *long* time before that. The carbon dating of bones found at the Ness of Brodgar for instance were dated at 3,500 BC, and the many residents required to build those vast temples: obviously came from somewhere else. The era is classed by our very many eminent archaeologists; as the Neolithic period, but dating of other bones and old campfires at the old forgotten abandoned complex, indicate that it may be even older, much much older.

( By a millennium? – Or two? ) Unfortunately, even with all our scientific advances, we really don’t know!

So, go back to that woman wearing that dress above. If clothing was worn by the upper classes in Egypt: then it follows, that clothing was worn by the builders of the Ness of Brodgar, located in the Orkney’s up in the North of Scotland, or do you think that they were wearing mere animal skins as they constructed those huge stone buildings?

Are you such a racist?

There were artifacts found in Stone-Henge in the UK, that came directly from the Mediterranean, which demonstrates that trade in 2,500 BC was an important factor. Take the logic of the artifacts’ origins back to Italy, then it follows; that the peoples of the UK had trading links and dealings with the groups that spread out from the Mediterranean proper.

And what that logically means, (and actually proves), is that the Druids and Egyptians must have obviously known of each other, with the trading conduit in Rome acting as the nexus, but a full five hundred years before Julius Caesar put the boot in, (Radical.)

** Unsupported assertion: the trading routes and links between north and south, could even go back as far as 7,000 to 9,000 years in the past, we just don’t know, but it’s a good bet that they did: especially where the common practice of wearing woven cloth covering is concerned.

Type into Google, “oldest clothing found”, then it throws up these search results, ..

10 Oldest Objects Ever Found, ..

Oldest cloth found is 34 thousand years, .. (What The?)

9,000 years ago in turkey, .. or (7,000 BC) to put it into perspective.

It follows, that we were all wearing something other than animal skins, but over 34,000 years ago. I now ask that you, my most Dearly Beloved Reader: to get your flipping head round that vast timely figure, and then ask yourself the question, – WHY?

You’re now set up! But are you READY FOR SOME REAL SHIT?

Defecation, (or shitting) is a shameful thing, and is not spoken about in a civilized society, or any society for that matter. Apart from its use as a high grade fertilizer, (country-side working), and not forgetting the problems with storage in old London proper, especially with the exorbitant prices charged by the Night-Soil-Workers, then nothing else is really known about this basic function that we all do.

** We use toilet paper now, but it wasn’t always the case.

Did the Victorians wipe their arseholes after defecating? We don’t actually know for sure, and that was only one hundred years ago, but toilet paper (as such), was only available to buy: five years after the conventional flushing toilet was commonly in use in the overpopulated UK cities. (Hummm!) But everyone these days has a nice romantic view that perhaps leaves or soft delicate moss were used. (Piffle) No, no one actually knows what the overcrowded dirty underpaid workers did after they went.

So it follows, that what they used in the Medieval ages, is as vague, and I’m not talking about the wealthy Royalty here, (they apparently sat down to go, and used wool no less to wipe – the Expense!) But as for the early poverty stricken humans, who squatted down to defecate; whilst also eking out a meager living on the vast estates and tenant farms? Then your guess is as good as mine.

** And is as good as our own over-paid learn’d archeological teachers: cos they don’t really know either.

One thing we do know however, is that squatting down over a hole to have a dump, (apart from being better for your bowel movement), also makes less mess, thusly alleviating the need for wiping.

Wipe-on, wipe-off: the Samuel Pepys Diaries were kept over ten years in 17th century London, in them is the recorded fact of the author, and his many guests; making extensive use of the chamber pot in the front room for all of their ablutions, but no mention of wiping clean was ever made.

** Here is my unsolicited advert: the Pepys Diaries are a good read, and even a better listen, but £33:00p for the audio disks made me stop dead in my tracks, resulting in this tight old skinflint taking out an Audible subscription for £7.99 a month. With it I’ve now got 42 hours for free, and it’s mine to keep forever: it really is a good listen.

Unfortunately, as is the modern way of thinking, all of the many diaries have been heavily romanticized, by all the many romantically inclined researchers out there; whereby they only focus on what the rich and wealthy wore, whilst also happily ignoring the filth and poverty going on all around Pepys himself, but that thick seam of everyday dirt found in the gutter is a gold mine to me.

** Also, don’t let anyone tell you that the overcrowded city commoners used cloth or paper to wipe clean, because clean cloth and old newspaper in the late 1700s onwards had a very high monetary value, as in the call “Rag and Bone!” – They paid good money for old newsprint, that got recycled again and again: along with the current romantic news, nothings changed.

Past Misdemeanors.

What we do know for a fact, is that men wore something called braes, a glorified nappy worn under their loose fitting trousers, and they also apparently needed washing (out) on a regular basis.

** Indicating that the braes, were in part; used as a type of glorified toilet paper, but there again; squatting down to go makes it cleaner operation anyhow.

We know for a fact that women didn’t wear anything under their long thick skirts either: with the exception of their many petticoats, one of which, (worn against the skin), was a thick cotton slip.

I propose that that one acted like the braes the men wore, and this washable garment kept the excess from the unwiped anus from getting on your other inner clothing. Taking it further, I also propose that this cotton slip also absorbed the other unmentionable discharges as well.

** But, just like shitting, no one talks, or talked about it.

Ready For A Bloody Mess?

Let’s discuss that other shameful thing then shall we? Called menstruation for the polite amongst us.

We now use highly absorbent internal cotton tampons and groin pads to deal with that aspect of our lives, we also wear gusseted knickers for everyday use as well.

Sometimes called panties by the prim and proper who can’t face the thought of it.

These unmentionable garments, (not by me), contain and control the secretions; that is an entirely natural flow of fluid from the vagina, and to all the men reading this; women’s vaginas flow with secretions, like *snot* does from your nose. So when you pick yours next time, just think about a vaginal discharge called leukorrhea.

Pronounced as (Luke-A-rea’Ah), which is something that’s quite normal boys. Here’s an open and upfront fanny link from Wikipedia if you can actually tolerate reading any more about vaginas.

** This is a personal note to all of my avid readers from the uptight USA: fanny means something else entirely different here in the jolly old UK.

Unfortunately, this new invention of ( Panties ) is very high maintenance, with some women finding they need to change them twice a day. Knickers also produce side effects that stem from the closed in warm conditions found in the crotch. In such ideal places, bacteria and yeast growth is the major problem, but no one talks about it.

One link, of many; on the fishy subject, ..

These personal and embarrassing issues, have spawned a multi-million pound industry in treating the conditions, that were only created; after Knickers, (Panties) were invented.

( BUT! )

Modern knickers enable modern women to wear trousers. Something that wasn’t physically possible before they came into being, in (about) 1941 AD, and that was where the first mention of them was to be found in the Seers Catalog of that year.

( And That ), is all I can find out about modern female underwear, which has a built in cotton gusset.

It is another mystery of the modern century that we live in, but from my extensive research on the subject: I have come to the conclusion that they were initially invented by the American Air-force, to thusly enable women to wear trousers as they worked in a supporting role in the Air-force (and Army), during the build up, then the backroom supply, before finally working as engineering staff for the ground support for the Second World War effort.

The Air-Force, never knew what sort of Frankenstein Monster they created, but once the concept of modern knickers came into the consciousness of the population, the Genie, (so to speak), was permanently out of the underskirt bottle.

To this day, the majority of the women on this planet wear a pair of knickers daily, but practically none of them know why: nor do they want to know either.

Praise be the Knickers, ..

Never again would women be consigned to their home, or chained to the kitchen sink because of their debilitating menstrual flow: a free flowing condition that kept them constrained to their father’s house, before they then got passed over to their husband household, with all the responsibility of ownership that went with it.

** Proof: newly wed brides are given away by their fathers to their new husbands, which is a practice of ownership that’s a worldwide phenomenon that starts with dowries and ends with purchase payments.

But women, in this new found freedom of conventional marriage, soon found that they could now travel freely, and not be hampered by their long concealing dresses. They could walk with confidence, even during their heaviest periods, and it was all due to the modern dry weave gusset in our underwear that did it.

Praise be the Knickers, ..
Want proof of that statement? – then lets think it through.

(Going commando), imagine a woman wearing trousers, and nothing else. Her natural vaginal flow won’t stop because she’s wearing something. In fact, the reverse will happen, because in the warm dry conditions, her vaginal flow will increase its fluid production. What we’d all end up with, is a congealed mess in our groin area. The stench alone after a few days of doing that; would be enough to convince you that we can’t physically do it.

Praise be the Knickers, ..

We simply can’t wear a closed in garment like a pair of trousers, not without taking some sort of precautions, and it was the humble pair of knickers, or panties that have liberated us. We can wear trousers now, but it wasn’t always the case.

Praise be the Knickers, ..

When you next see a film from the seventeenth century, and in it: is a woman wearing trousers through-out the film, or some fantasy about voluptuous female elves, wearing tight leather leggings. Then say to yourself: Bullshit! – Cos’ that’s what it is.

Praise be the Knickers, ..

T.V. and film crap of that sort is made by corrupt men and flim-flam film directors; who all conveniently ignore the physical facts regarding women. It’s all being made by high powered executive producers and Ad-men, reveling in their own sexual fantasies, whilst also making a fast buck on the way: all selling soap powder to the very people that they are hoodwinking, (women: the key sales target democratic), who are the very knicker wearing housewives and gullible young twilight girls that end up watching that sort of sexual garbage.

All believing in the: *Bullshit Fantasy World*.

Where we have no menstrual problems.

Where we can also have mad passionate sex at the drop of a hat.

** Whenever a powerful man on screen demands it. **

Doing that, and following that thread, then we all ignore who, and what we really are: the female nesting psyche is nurturing by nature, it isn’t constructed on the natural born killer instinct like the male mind is born with, a psyche that has been naturally selected for nest protection.

We, .. are not, .. men!

But in believing that we are, we demand the same rights they have, (and we have got it.)

We are dismissed, killed and mugged: just like everyone else who is covered under the protective Law of whatever land you reside, but women are also born with other interesting diversions intact: we are also raped, which is an ignominy that no man can suffer.

We are now (all) equal under our (all) protective Laws, but remember this, .. we, are not, .. lawful men!

Moving out from under the skirts.

How did we deal with our periods, is like asking the question of how we wiped our backsides, and unfortunately the answer is: we just don’t know.

We have no idea what we did about Periods a mere 60 years ago.

Did they use rags? As presupposed in all the films from the late twenties. Some rich people obviously did in the 30s onwards, but my old Nanna would never tell me anything about it.

Sad Footnote On History Here.

My old Nanna was convinced she only had two holes down, *there*. One for pooping out off, and one for peeing. Babies came out of that one as well.

Incredibly, my old Nanna never, ever, looked. She was told, that what was down there; was evil and disgusting. My Nanna believed her own Mother’s wise words on that disgraceful aspect of her own body, and it was never to be discussed.

** And the disgusting subject, should never be mentioned again: young lady.

My old Nanna used to get really flustered when I spoke to her about it. Ho-Hum! But at least we have all moved on since my Nanna’s time, and we can now talk openly about our own vaginas, ..

Really! Are you sitting comfortably? And on what?

Moving on.

But, how did people deal with periods before my Nanna’s day? And the time before that? And the time before that? Answer! We simply have no idea.

** This is the frame-work that we are dealing with, past present and (ignorance.)

Knickers – Don’t talk, don’t look, don’t ask, don’t tell, .. we’ve certainly all come a long way since then don’t you think?

With the introduction of (knickers), aka panties to the very many wimps living out there, it’s all of a sudden a disgusting secret, hidden from view, and now no one knows what my Nanna: nor what your Nanna did anymore, and my Nanna, (tight lipped as ever), died last year.

So now we’ll (you’ll) never find out, and that is the sad state of affairs that we all find ourselves in.

All we can do from here on in, is progressively think it through.

Face it.

Humans are the only animal that menstruates, but only after the optimum period for conception. Man, for whatever reason, prefers to copulate in a clear and clean vagina.

Early woman, who bled during their optimum period of conception, didn’t reproduce. Only woman that were fertile, without a blood show, were impregnated, and only their dry genes went forward.

This is called selective evolution at work.


We are now set up for my thesis.


For arguments sake, the first stone age cave-woman in this thesis is called Judith, who was also living in the cool uncluttered, but rich Northern Latitudes. From that outline, I want you to consider her hard lifestyle, dressed for warmth in her animal skins, and looking just like the mindless stone age beastial animal that she really is.

The image of her is a familiar one, as I’m sure you must agree.

Now, I want you to ask yourself this one leading question! – What is Judith wearing under her skins?

** Nothing seems to be a good bet.

Also, did she wipe her backside after she had a shit.

Men didn’t, (well documented), and it’s a good bet that Judith probably didn’t either.

So it then follows, that she probably didn’t wrap her crotch with anything when she bled during her period either.

[ The dirty So! ‘n’ So! ]

So, where did it go? – Down her legs? – Into the inside of her skins? She must have stunk awful! But she didn’t! – So! – Just where did it go?

** Was the bleeder ejected from the tribe during her period?

In the warmer climes, way down in the crowded south; they probably did, but in those early days of our harsh Northern Development, up there in the far cooler climate, then it’s logical to conclude that the hard-pressed-tribe couldn’t afford to lose its valuable members on such a trifling issue of a mere bloody period.

Everyone was needed to work and protect the wealth, stores, food, the children, and from the protected young; their continued future was assured. All that would logically mean, was that Judith was needed (intact), to thusly maintain the continued health of the tight-knit tribal group.

Professional worker in the village.

We are told by our peers, that our primitive stone-age ancestors used woven baskets to carry things. Fact: these were highly woven constructs. Made with some materials like fine cotton (or hemp-reeds) being commonly used. It was also noted by our esteemed teachers, that they actually absorbed water, drawing it back into themselves. Placing fruit and tuber roots in these baskets, preserved the fruit for a much longer time, and so air storage was invented.

But from that simple observation of the facts.

Then the great men simply prescribe: it really doesn’t take a leap of the imagination, that if you weave fine hemp cotton into a small slither, and then place it against the vulva, you then have a means to stem and control the flow of blood, ..

Spit! – Is what I say to that, .. wear that supposed pad for three days a month, and its gonna’ be very bloody messy, and very bloody uncomfortable.

That unimaginative leap of bias imagination, came from a paid professional man; who insisted that the menstrual method we use these days, must be the best, and he simply projected his own clouded thinking into that ill thought-out thesis.

Our menstrual control is not the best method, (especially when dealing with itchy infections), and I soon tore up that bloody stupid line of thinking, as I started once again on how Judith dealt with her blood flow.

I took a longer look at the hemp cotton, and then took it further again, and wove a larger section: from it, you make a nappy. Weave a large square, you then have a large cloth sheet.

That’s a wrap around, skirt, ..

Cover yourself in that, wrap another smaller inner liner round your waist to absorb the small amount of menstrual blood as it spreads around your groin, and you instantly eliminate, (the obvious need), for that silly idea of the modern cotton slither.

The cotton (slip), just needs hitching around when you feel yourself getting damp.

The cotton slip can be easily washed, you can’t wash out animal skins.

And because your vagina is open to the air, there would be no yeast or bacteria infections to worry about either.

** That delicate condition of itchy thrush is a new phenomenon.

From that point on wearing your skirt, you don’t need to wear nothing else, or even bother with the inconvenience of your very light periods.

I prose that this is how periods were controlled for years and years, all the way down from Judith’s grandmother to her mother and beyond, and in fact: all the way down the time line until your Nanna’s mother’s mothers mother told your great grand aunty how to deal with it.

The proof of that distant grandmotherly statement, is actually written on the wall: look once more at that picture of the woman playing that mysterious game, a masterful game that apparently no one can decipher. It alone was the urgent issue that needed addressing, and all by the overpaid highly esteemed professors overseeing the private discussion and archeological dig, but what I say: is that it’s the dress itself that needs addressing.

It proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the Egyptians (way back then), wore a type of fine weave clothing.

Clothing of that type has also been found and dated to over 9,000 years ago in some graves in Northern Israel.

From the above, it then logically follows, that the Druid women in the cold northern climes, also wore something similar, although it probably wasn’t bleached white.

It’s a proven fact: that the Northern Europeans did actually trade with the Mediterraneans, and we, (in Europe), did originally hail from the warmer regions down south, also proven again with our DNA and blood ties.

Benefits of clothing.

  • 1.) It doesn’t stink.
  • 2.) It’s warmer to wear in cold weather.
  • 3.) It’s easier to make.
  • 4.) It can be washed with ease.
  • 5.) You can use a fine weaved cloth pads for a heavy flow should the need arise.
    • 5a.) And these groin pads can be washed out with ease, or even thrown away.

I also prose, that these methods of dealing with periods have been developed over time, then passed down through the ages from mother to daughter, and from nanna to grandchild, and then finally back to the refined woman of the Mediterranean, and of course not forgetting that mysterious game playing Egyptian women.

That woman on the wall is actually enjoying Judith’s hard won knowledge. Mysterious knowledge that clearly shows the full menstrual cycle being completed on a vast game board down the long ages.

Becoming Civilized.

Time in the dim and distant past moves ever on, and in it we became more cultivated, but now with more time on our hands: menstrual flow became offensive to the esteemed Elders of the new small towns and burgeoning farming villages, both found in the prosperous south and the lucrative northern latitudes. Usually, it was the old men who were in charge, with even older more sour faced women backing them up. In this timely situation, all of a sudden; vaginal bleeding became a shameful thing.

Shitting followed a little later.

Proven Coveralls.

The Aboriginals in Australia (who can trace their history back to between 80 and 60,000 years), shun their bleeding women because they can.

And are Sun Worshipers living in the hot plentiful Tropical Climes.

African women were, and are still ejected from the tribe. Then forced to live on their own in an outside place during their own periods.

They are also Sun Worshipers.

The Arab culture treats their women the same, ejecting them from their own home, forcing them to live in a blood-house for a week. The adopters of this fine ancient tradition, declare the fact that the woman, under the unclean curse! – Actually enjoys her time away from her husband and children: whilst also declaring it to be just like a holiday, Really?

The unclean Arab desert wanders were also Sun Worshipers long ago, but they became civilised with the coming of Mohammed. A man who married a (very) young girl called AishaA girl who was just six years old when she was betrothed to him, and that was when he was in his 50s. She was only nine when the marriage was consummated and he eventually took her.

Mohammed (blessings be upon him), ruled over a civilized country and belief system that proudly declares that a girl is a woman when she eventually menstruates.

** Precocious puberty is recognised as an illness these days, that is deemed as a medical condition that requires intervention with some form of hormone treatment: especially if the girl is five years old.

But that statement goes right against the Muslim belief system, who all alone represent the will of God on Earth, especially when Allah alone has dictated when a girl has come of legal age because she starts to bleed, and that’s whether or not her hips are wide enough to give birth, that fact is irrelevant to these poxy desert wanderers.

But it’s all right, because the Muslims are civilized, and have brought refined civilization to the dry wastelands, were once Monkey-Men barbarians wandered aimlessly in their stinking animal skins, grunting up to their own Gods in the heavens above, and especially those who reside below.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the refined Arabs who openly practice gender based-racism, the links below demonstrate the Greek, Catholic and Jewish bias beliefs towards women. They all have hard and fast rules regarding God’s curse on Eve, and they (all) put all that virginal filth into perspective.

EnglandChurchingUnclean – Woman Priests

You don’t have to look far to see this blatant bias against womenkind. Yes, they are good for having sex with, and obviously making babies, and keeping the house clean, and of course not forgetting cooking the all important meals, but that’s (all.)

I mean for God’s sake: They BLEED! 

bloody women.

(YUK!!!) – But all true!

It’s a sad fact, but menstrual bleeding puts men off. Did you not shudder at the image above? Men, and a lot of women are ignorant of their periods: preferring to ignore them, with some even thinking that it really is a curse from God, but nothing can be further from the truth, (she doesn’t give a damn). The subject of vaginal bleeding and menstruation should be pulled out into the open, and not hidden under our modern trouser suits.

That natural biological subject keeps us socially suppressed: with suppression being viewed by some onlookers as being a universally good thing.

Standing proud across time, with the woman in her place.The man is dressed in his magnificent clothes and wearing a fine black cloak, holds the reigns of power. He is standing proud, hands on his hips as he also looks out across the vastness of the insignificant time-line.

In this noble position, the man keeps his woman in her rightful place; kneeling at his wondrously commanding feet.

The insignificant woman gave the man that fine cloak he is wearing, that woman gave that man his children, that woman gave that man his position in the town, and that woman, is a second class animal that is socially kept out of the way under the convent of marriage.

His wife is also his legal property, but only after he officially received his bride from her beloved father, who in actual fact: gave her away to him, but on the strict understanding that her honor and chastity were intact. The sad fact that the woman bleeds as well: is a small price to pay, especially for having a free unpaid house-keeper, cook, cleaner, child-minder and willing (*whore*) on tap at all times.

Sigh, .. (take) this salient personal observation to heart dearly be’loved; nothing passed down through the long dark ages, has ever really changed for the second class creatures living freely in our midst. Women gave mankind the chance to grow up, and now (the cunning onlooker) is like a petulant child standing alone dominating the future.

Many years ago: Judith had to deal with something unpleasant, and the practical clothing of a wrap round skirt is what she alone came up with; the woman then got trampled on as everyone else took it up, and then forged ahead in this brave new world of opportunities as the simple skirt became complex warm clothing; that’s now sold for a fortune in the shape of a modern ladies trouser suit.

Now, .. we have to ask; can the well dressed women alone, thusly take back control from the rowdy children, but by only wearing our own troublesome warm knickers: whilst also competing with the rowdy men on level-ground? – DISCUSS!




Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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