Beginning at the (end)

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Written by:- MJS

Here is the consensus of how (we) began.

Our techs now know that the eternal void regularly twists and contorts, and when the pressure gets to breaking point: it then manifests itself as an intense bloom of raw energy, that then forms as a vast ever expanding bubble, but the event originates from a microscopic singularity point.

This is a void-quake.

Fluke, or by design, but a quake started a short way off from where we are now, (short in relation to eternity itself.) But on this day, a day no different from any other: the energy bloom itself triggered another, that went off, just off center inside the first; that then triggered another tremendous expulsion of energy, but this was a short way away, and up shell from that.

So we have it, three brother titan bubbles of pure energy, all building slowly inside each other.

** Time moves on, as time does when one can’t describe what time actually is, so we have to come back sometime later.

This time round, we find the first brother bubble out in the void: now reaching its perfect optimum mass and is also slowing, only to find itself slammed into, (all over), by the second up and coming brother, and at the self same exact time, but the second brother is slightly off center from the first, and a huge bulge soon forms in the shell.

It’s (metaphorically), a glowing white egg in the heavens.

Then all hell lets loose, as the third brother hits his two stalled siblings, and once again; at the same time, but not all over because of that bulge, and with his own mass in a state of fluid flux: subtly changed when mixing with his combined brothers material, (it’s now more than it was.)

In the inner brother shells, the newly formed raw plasma fluid become a swirling revolving mass, that then breaks a small hole at the end of the egg bulge, and this mass: still revolving, spews out into the void.

Attraction being what it is, when you’ve got nothing: then it’s a powerful attractive force, and as soon as the first ejection of matter passes the brotherly barrier of none resistance, it then gets drawn back, becoming a negative element in the process, but finds itself pushed ever on by the ever flowing changing plasma streams above.

Here the sisterly-forge is formed, with some of the flowing matter spreading freely round the hole of least resistance, ..

** Path with least resistance, is the physical or metaphorical pathway, that provides the least resistance to forward motion by a given object or entity, among a set of alternative paths. The concept is often used to describe why an object or entity takes a given path.

But the vast majority of the seminal discharge passes straight through, with the revolving mass far below the brothers and sister’s heavenly orifice – increasing exponentially all the while, gaining in size and mass: whilst also compressing into a tighter and tighter large revolving ball, which it did with every negatively charged atom that was added to the overall.

** Size wise, draw a line half way down on a piece of white a4 paper, place a dot a thousandth of an inch under the line, which is the zone of sisterly influence, the huge black-antimatter-ball forming below that: is an atom in the paper itself.

I will use this ignorant term once: the vast compressed black ball had become what we commonly call a black-hole, but from here on in: I will call it what it really is, and that’s a **TORG.

** Temporal Object of Relative Gravity.

Time itself had finally caught up with the negatively charged anti-matter, with decay becoming the master timer to obey in the heavens, ..

As the TORG spun faster and faster, and increased its mass on the pole, the fast spinning disk then lost matter even faster at the equator. Highly excited matter going from static, to light speed in a micro second, resulted in the anti-matter flaring bright like a firework pinwheel, (sometimes referred to as a Catherin-wheel), but as the process finally settled, and the fires consumed the whole: a truly titanic anti-matter star was born, (let there be light), and still the material from above poured in.

The star became a super sun, as never before seen in the heavens ever again: a blazing star that would even dwarf our own vast universe.

** Which, isn’t as big as you might well suppose.

Over time, and with the super sun using up more fuel than it was receiving, it went supernova. In one titanic explosion, the mighty star simply blew up. Pieces of the anti-matter mantel flew up towards the sisterly orifice above, and in striking the neutral matter in force, the resistant matter itself became polarized. It became positively charged, and not just in the sister’s gaping hole, but everywhere, and all at once: the brothers had unwittingly taken sides, and still continued to produce their charged plasma down to the sisters gaping chasm far below.

Now being positively charged, the matter was repelled by the remnants of the anti-matter sun and stalled mantel, that was even now congealing into smaller universal sized TORGS: revolving and turning as the old sun had, and that spiral movement, was naturally reflected back up to the positive matter, now pouring out of the sister’s great vagina.

In a thin covering, the positive charged seman slowly spread out over the anti-matter influence in a cone, and as it did: the matter naturally sort out company of their own kind, forming vast hot clouds in the process, and in those masses of matter: super inefficient suns were formed. They also did it in their billions of trillions on the slowly moving expanding canopy, the suns also died young, going rapidly into a supernova state, spreading their changed material out far and wide.

Without food, their dark cores fell into a morbid TORG state, but they still had sway over their released matter streams.

Vast swirling streams of matter, who then found themselves spiraling out in huge clumps round the dead compressed cores of the now silent TORGS, and so the standard formation of the flat galaxy rims were born: whose small fiery stars in the resulting clumping clouds, eventually became super-hot super-suns: before also exploding after inefficiently using up their precious fuel reserves, but because of their diminished size, vast ort clouds of ice and heavy materials formed around them, as the revolving newly compressed cores themselves, then took fiery form once more in the TORG infested chaos.

Material attraction is the great attractor, ..

In drawing the modified heavy metals and lighter carbon materials back into the now efficiently warmly glowing red blue and white stars, then the many varied types of planets, were now formed throughout the vast unending universe.

Unending solar-systems, that are a pale reflection of their flat-form disk-based parent galaxies.

Upper view:-
And still the constant rain of positively charged material from the vast brothers, through the wanton sister: kept feeding the lower revolving petri-dish, with the slow passage of the positive material now slowly sliding over the top of the powerful anti-matter curved ball far below: that then resulted in a faster and faster expansion of the many trillions of newly formed galaxies.

Outward expansion in the ever outward expanding curve, that then gives the impression of everything moving away at speed from the observer.

** Our own visible universe is estimated to be about 93 billion light years across.

So here’s a visual heads up:-
If the curved universe was compared to the northern hemispherical size of the earth, (or the southern hemisphere if you live down under), then our own vast ever expanding universe: would be the size of a beach ball – just leaving the Tropic of Cancer, (or Capricorn), and the light we can now see at its far edge: was there, when we were midway between the Pole and that mystical Tropic, with it (all) fading from view, which will happen the farther down the real universal curve we go; done so in our own ever rapid assent towards the ever widening equator of whatever persuasion.

We will (all) be collectively doing it in our cold dead graves; travelling along in our cold dead galaxy, where we will (all) finally go out into oblivion: in a few hundred billion years or so from now.

Live for the present people.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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