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My (official) Privacy Policy Guide.

Our website address(s) are


Cookies: This website uses simple cookies, and even a simpler localStorage array: both are employed to enable dynamic functionality.
None of them are used for any other purpose.

Services: Beneath this WordPress website, Google reCaptcha is automatically enabled. Which is service provided by Google as a third-party function. For details on privacy and more, please refer to official documentation for Google reCaptcha.
To my personal knowledge, no other outside services or locations are accessed by this website.

Annotation: I personally don’t collect any of your data, and nor do I sell it on, (to anyone.)

Below is the standard WordPress Privacy Policy Outline.
As prescribed to be displayed on any website — by Law!

If you wanna’ read it, then be my guest and click [ Read more ]


Age Verification.
An anonymous (ImAmAnAdult) cookie is set on your own browser, (for one year from your first visit.)

** Done so by my website scripts, when you yourself declared your legal age to be appropriate for reading extremely rude (and base) adult material: it’s also based on wherever you resided, with your own local laws being upheld at all times.
This bit is on (you) to be honest.

At the same time of confirming your age, you also agreed to my terms & conditions of not robbing me.

In a nutshell, (and to repeat what’s stated above), I don’t retain any of your precious personal data.

** And do I not sell what I’ve gleaned from your visit here, to anyone, nor any third forth of sixth party; or whatever else the bullshit sellers can come out with in getting round the law.

I keep nothing of yours, and you steal nothing from me.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


May 2024


localStorage Cookie info. This website uses simple cookies, and even simpler localStorage structures. (Enabling dynamic functionality.) They are not used for any other purpose.

To view this book site, you must be considered as an ADULT (with legal consent) in your current location to proceed any further. Failure to comply, could result in a criminal prosecution (within the local domicile) that you physically reside.

Theses web-pages aren't for children, nor any childish attitudes towards sexual ambivalence.
It is for -- ADULTS ONLY!

Pressing [ No! ] - Will take you away, to another type of less salubrious activity, that's obviously more suited to your young tender age (and/or) delicate disposition.

Only press [ YES! ] if you understand the terms. After that, a one year cookie will be set on your browser, thusly declaring you to be an adult, (a constitutional time-Warrior), with all of your timely facilities intact.

It's a big decision that you're about to undertake, choose wisely: because you can never go back.