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My Faulty Function

Article created:- September 2, 2021 12:30 pm
Last modified:-

Written by:- MJS

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[ Operational notes ]

After nine (ten) months of leaning CSS HTML and JS, ..
This poxy Newbie has only now just discovered how to combine classes, (within a declaration.)

Prior to me finally figuring that out, the ignorant tosspot was using # and IDs in my HTML code and style-sheets respectively.

It worked, as in:-

<a class="img-spacer" id="command-links" .. etc ..

But in doing this, I then found the code being hammered by all of the website speed-testers found out there. With all of them pointing out my (I thought: unavoidable), errors, but it seems not!

So, to recap:
During the PHP (server-side) < a href > link build, ..

If the link *is* active; then the PHP string is built thus:-

<a class="img-spacer command-links"

However, if the link is *not* active; then the string is built thus:-

<a class="img-spacer dimmed-command-links no-furniture"

** with {dimmed-command-links} and {no-furniture} classes doing very different things to the HTML layout respectively.

Inside my Iconic Menu, (as used in the Book-Stand), then the constructed css class used above, is now followed by the normal HREF arguments, as in:-

href="' . $troot . $link . '" >

{ Technically what follow after that, is the actual **text** of a normal href link, but I’m using a constructed image in this instance.}

<img loading="lazy"
class="' . $img .'"
src="' . $menu_icon . '"
alt="Picture Icon to open the ' . $book_name . ' book page"
width="120" height="120" /> 

{ Prior to my discovery, I was using:-


Which is WRONG! 

In-line, and using class=”” — we now do the very simple color changing text rollover link with:-


These new global css classes are now found in the sites main css stylesheet. }

<div class="NameLink">
<p style="margin: .1em 0 1em .3em; text-align: left;"> '. $book_name . '</p></a>

The above text (as part of the link itself), now simply changes color when the mouse-pointer-rolls over them. As it all did when using #, but now with no speed test ID errors, and all by simply using class=””, instead of id=””.

Still kicking myself for not figuring it out earlier, hope it helped, ..


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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