This sad state of affairs isn’t the norm, it’s not normal to be constantly hammered by bloody irrelevant popup adverts, but we’ve been subtly programmed to accept it, and as such: we have all begun to think that the rude insolent attitudes prevailing on web 2.0, are just the highly successful corporate norms, but I can tell you that they are not; those advertising corporations are barely clinging on to the sill of the window ledge, .. with their left hand finger nails slowly peeling back: nails that are caked with grim and coke, cocaine that is cut with very shaky credit lines.

( Lines of credit that have already — almost; wiped out the newspaper industry. )

Newsprint, where you actually chose to look at the ADS if you wanted: instead; these days, they blast you full in the face as soon as you open the paper to start reading it.