On a more serious note of consideration where these poxy adverts are concerned: I actually think that left handed operation menus were purposely constructed to keep the clicking purchasing sheeple compliant, .. and from the proliferation of them being left out there; then I have to say that it’s working.

( But not here, .. )

This web-site has been designed from the ground-up to impart the knowledge from the tree of life, because here you’re free to see the woods for the trees; calming trees overlooking a green fertile riverbank, where a lithe scantily dressed, young olive skinned woman suns herself in the height of summer, but just below the female’s highly relaxed perfect feet; the contented babbling brook happily gurgles to itself as it meanders past, ..

As a qualified researcher, into pulpy substances; you know in your heart that it’s practically your civic duty to delve further into your field of expertise, and all in the name of research of course.

Working at the very edge of your endurance, you now find yourself desperately pulling on a fascinating branch line that you’ve accidentally discovered, and are even now actively pursuing as you slowly reach your conclusion, ..

Then you fall out of the tree.