On the *top* part of any web sites screen: I expect to put my hand on the navigation links to all of the important stuff.
Sadly, .. I never do, with the area up there filled with.
[ Banner ADS ] — (YUK!)
What usually follows, is usually a very slick CSS enabled site, hiding how they did it: whilst promoting all and sundry, but not showing what you initially came for.
Then the damn snobby web-sites have the sodden bloody cheek to tell you, in no uncertain terms, to turn off your ad-blocker; because running a site requires click through advertisement revenue, and if you want the information or tutorials for free: then that’s the price you have to pay.

It’s no wonder that people just skim passed sites as quickly as they do. It’s no wonder that there no loyalty out there any more.

The experienced naked web surfers, also knows that the necessary information they’ve searched long and hard for, is in actual fact, (intentionally) buried deep inside all the unnecessary advertisement waffle: which means quickly readjusting your underwear, before ploughing through all of the obnoxious adverts to get to the juicy bits you want to stratify your satisfaction.