One of the most troublesome things that I’ve witnessed during the last twenty years or so: is the webs practically pathological obsession with left hand menus. I also know that it’s done for a reason.
{Left} is {Right}, and {Right} is {Left} especially where our hand-eye-brain-coordination is concerned.
Our right hand feeds the left side of our brains: commonly regarded as our cold logical analytical centre, .. and it’s also somewhere that an advertisement doesn’t want to address, so the right side of our focused attention is drawn to the corresponding left hand side of the screen: where that damned irrational navigation menu is found, surround by the chilling adverts, .. ads feeding their calming tranquil allure right into our unguarded art awareness hemisphere. My conclusion with the navigation menu being set where it is, – then it’s purposely crossing the intellectual streams.

“Petra: That’s bad. Okay. Thanks Aragon. Alright, important safety tip everyone: don’t cross the streams.”