Any adverts placed on the right sidebar, would be technically out of the way; because we’d automatically blindside them as the natural course of events, and that’s the reason that practically all of the web-sites have the obnoxious navigation menus on the (left-hand-side), were the owners are literally forcing the naked exposed surfer to focus [ on ] their foul salient salacious adverts, promoting such prominent social issues as achieving immortality by simply buying the latest face-cream.

{ Hummm! )

With (right-hand-menus), the adverts have to catch the eye of the cold distant analytical surfer; who’s actually in charge of their clicking fingers on that side of their responsive body.

Especially so, when they do actually come across a  website that actually promotes using their right hand for pleasure.

In using the left hand to do it, then it’s like a clumsy blast issued by the manly gun like advertising phalluses, but pointing out the front door in the middle of night.

True: the discharge might well hit something with their pleasure seeking infomercial spray, but chances are, they won’t actually impregnate anyone.

The rhythm method is a random tactical bombardment advertising spray, commonly seen in commercials where the guy gets the girl by using the right underarm deodorant, and he does this neat sweet little pulling trick (in a hot sweaty sticky nightclub), right before he actually does the deed, and then dumps his seed in the same said hot moist environment.

The advertising execs are beginning to believe their own hype, and it’s shit!

These adverts really need to be targeted much better with their rampant ejaculated effluvia: my own experience is, what do I want with life insurance, a new mortgage, or even meeting willing young Russian ladies in my local park?

I’m retired, and that state of grace comes with a cost; with one of them is knowing how just wide that bloody stream is to cross; bridging loan or no.

( Ghost-Bunkers Rule Number One, – don’t cross the, .. etc .. etc .. etc. )