When one of your god-fearing brothers, or heaven forbit — sisters; says AMEN besides you, they are in fact singing the praises of an old ancient Egyptian God, who was described by his many followers: as the King of Kings, and whose very repressive priesthood demanded that their one true god must be praised at all times.

Don’t believe me? – Then click the Amen link to open a new chapter, and also a new page in your old life: then be prepared to see the light pilgrim.

Oh’ Yes! – A (fucking) MEN!

Oh’ – and a (fucking) woman as well.

That highly balanced, and highly inclusive PC statement, has now been accredited to the most revered, ..
Methodist Pastor Emanuel Cleaver.
It’s not fake-news either!

My take on the facts.
What a poor fucked up excuse, for a fool; that poor ignorant little minded man really is, a man who has single handedly given all-fools a bad name, ..
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Thanks for reading, Jessica.
Praise be the ORI.