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Article created:- July 21, 2021 7:57 pm
Last modified:- July 25, 2021 7:08 pm

Written by:- MJS

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Nope, not at any price!

For the life of me, I just can’t see the point of it: the point being, allowing greenhorns to set up and run (CMS Blogs), and all without any form of formal training.

Very Laudable, but the trouble is: is that you need a experienced grounding in the very concept of the CSS layout, to then start using the wretched thing, .. and that’s before you even begin thinking about your content.

Content is irrelevant, .. Blocks are King!

Which is also a bold statement that little ol’ me has wantonly cringed at. Because it’s your unique content, that actually brings the punters in: so that your marvelous Blocks can be displayed.

Anyone for an egg buttie? sandwich? – What’s a chicken?

I’ve been watching some u-Tube vids on using the Guttenberg Block editor. Yes, (with a plugin), you can construct some really marvelous grid layout of your Blogs, Pages or whatever: with the whatever being new (Post-Types), and that alone is a nasty rabbit hole to get lost in.

The other hole is sliding css sliders, background and foreground color changers, as well as font size adjusters: all these wonderful features are freely available, (at a price!)

The problem with (Blocks), is that it isn’t geared up for creative writing, as in creating this (Post), something that I’ve gone back and re-edited several times.

In (Blocks), its a right royal pain.

It’s like someone back at WordPress wonderland had lost the plot: backed themselves up into a corner, and then turned their collective backs on the world.

WordPress 5.8 is a case in point, what the funk is that update all about? – Restrictive Media displays, requiring multiple key presses to simply scroll through your images!

    • Now with (Blocks) on Widgets?
      • Like that’s an urgent requirement!
    • But don’t despair!
      • You can also use the (Query Loop Block) WTF?
    • And all this is designed to draw in a new and more dynamic audience?

Even most of the experience WordPress folks that I know, are scratching their heads and saying “wtf” at that.

It’s almost like someone wants to kill off themes and plugins.

The Guttenberg Block aficionados and pushers, are very experienced in their mark-up trade. So much so, that they’ve actually forgotten how Newbies think, or those they’re targeted to, .. ‘draw in a new and more dynamic audience!

A plain ordinary editor, (as TinyMCE is), is all that a CMS Newbie really needs to express themselves online, but that’s not where the money is.

Blocks, is directly targeted at the money making, money grabbing, advertising mad website user, who has also installed Advertising Popups everywhere, but Blocks is being hailed and peddled as something that the Newbie wants, and needs above all: they don’t.

These up and coming version 2.0 Newbies, are the wide eyed innocents of the twenty first century, and are all naïve as to what a CMS really is, (especially WordPress), but they all seem to somehow know that that’s where the real money is.

They saw it on CNN.

It’s like selling candy chocolate to underage juveniles, and then charging double for the next sugar fix: cos the next hit will rake in the cash.

This Guttenberg brigade are peddling the wares to children, but the adults in the crowd know different: the adults are voting with their feet, .. (by walking away from it.)

The only experienced adults that are actively promoting the use of Blocks, are the influencers: hell bend on racking it in, as they also grab a slice of the profitable Newbie pie.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. “It’s like kids selling burgers to other kids.” This can’t go on, where’s the creatively in flipping meat patties for a living?


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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