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The subject header says it all.

But just what does it actually say?
Well for a start, this new killer covid virus is just another form of the common coronavirus; of which there are hundreds and hundreds that we have currently catalogued.

** No one really knows how many there are, and no one really knows how long they’ve been around: all happily infecting the lungs of their unwitting hosts, but from that; then it’s a good assumption, that it’s ever been since fish started breathing the air.

The Path:
Our current nemesis (apparently), travelled from Wuhan in China, where it dutifully followed the Silk Road back to it’s origin: Italy. From here, it then exploded into Europe.

The explosion, was in fact: a re-run of the good old Black Death and deadly Plague of yesteryear, which is also a re-run that can never happen again: because our ancestors were the survivors, which means that we have that immunity built right into our genetic make up.

In travelling through Persia, India and Asia, the upper respiratory virus decimated the unprepared populations, that mainly consisted of peoples unused to catching the common cold.

Unlike the Northern Europeans; where its a right of yearly passage.

** The common-cold that isn’t so common either, because the heady family is made up of the nasty class of coronaviruses as well, and that’s to name but one of them.

The Covid-19 virus then travelled out across the vast Atlantic, where it ripped through the Northern and South America populations: the thing actually thrived in the warm damp (unhygienic) climate of Brazil.

** Having a viral-denier, anti-mask, anti-fact dickhead in charge, actually helped the virus to establish itself and even flourish within the ignorant uneducated communities.

The vast majority of normal viruses live (and thrive), quite harmlessly on our small little planet.

Viruses are also the most common biological entities on Earth, and like everything else on this stinking rock; does one of two things, 1.) Eat, and 2.) Reproduce.

  • It’s the meaning of life.
    • And it’s what your own parents have done, to enable you to actually read this.

Any organism that kill its host before reproducing, doesn’t survive: it’s not a personal intelligent choice that it makes, but (selective) evolution in action.

Going Viral:
So lets apply that rule to a virus. If the virus kills its food source, it can’t eat, and consequently, it can’t make babies: then it becomes extinct, the living viral organism never achieves its full potential.

On the other hand, a virus that can infect its host, eat without harming the host, and then reproduce inside the host, (without killing it), survives.

New Bug, Old Name:
Originally, the COVID-19 was extremely virulent, but that virulence caused many of the host(s), that it managed to invade: to die, and the host(s) mortality slowed it spread, but in making thousands of localised copies, some of these younglings did less damage and spread quicker: these became know as variants.

  • Delta and Omnicom are two such variants that we’ve currently catalogued, and they both do far less damage on the host than their aggressive parents ever did.

If that was the entire story, then the virulent original virus could indeed have thrived, but it doesn’t, and that because (over a billion years or so), organic life on this planet has leaned to fight back against viruses: whereby the many millions of independent organisms have developed inbuilt antibodies to fight off (known) invading viruses.

The organism that didn’t, simply died off.

[ Read more ]

Some ancient common-garden viruses aren’t aggressive; they have evolved to not cause an adverse reaction in the host.
These benign viruses are, (by and large), ignored.

This is proof of evolution in action, because the ancient virus by-product cell poison does no damage to the biological organism. The by-product is their technical droppings in the cell, expelled after consumption and procreation, and it’s this poison that can cause a reaction in any living host.

Fight Back:
It’s that line above, (known) invading viruses – which is the key in all this, because once infected with an invading virulent pathogen: then the organic body in question creates antibodies to kill off the detected viral poison.

  • These are known medical facts.

If a host can’t create an exact match, then a close antibody copy will do.

That close antibody-copy causes the hosts temperature to rise as the infection (re: poison-hunt), is fought internally, with the organic host body literally throwing everything at the invader.

An invader which is having a technical dump in the infected cells; whilst it’s expelled children are also trying to eat everything insight, and are theoretically trying to take over at the same time.

If the infected host survives, then that new antibody is added to the bodies viral arsenal.

  • These statements are not known medical facts.
  • These statements are a logical observation.

These statements also don’t feed into the fake lore of immunity waning over time: our immunity is eternal.

This is what a benign vaccine does, it provides the host with a close copy of the current virus to work on, and thusly create permanent antibodies.

  • Which is why a viral reaction in an (unsullied) host is sometimes observed.
  • With a (sullied) host showing almost no reaction whatsoever.

** That’s because the organism in question has already been exposed to the virus (or one of its close kissin’ cousins), and at sometime in the sullied hosts own dim and distant past: in other words, the host knows what to expect.

Covid-19 will soon be one of those great many benign viruses found out in the wild: due in part to the aggressive vaccine programmes, and also our own bodies highly active immune systems.

The virus isn’t eternal, but drug company profits are finite: hence the rabid fake news on boosters being needed at all costs, (they aren’t), and the world in general is slowly coming to that costly conclusion.

So, how do you catch COVID-19?
This is going to be contentious. 

Originally, no one knew: they did however know that the virus had to attached itself on one small section of your lung, and from that point on: you were infected with it.

Originally, the airborne route was dismissed by all of the so called experts in pay of our knowable superiors. Whereby the experts (all) told us that it lived on surfaces, and then transferred to our mouths via our hands, and this is where the infection occurred, but that was (all) fake news.

All proven, because the virus is killed by saliva, and it couldn’t even live for very long on any surface.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the Hands Face Space mantra from constantly being spouted out by our illiterate superiors, and they rapidly spouted it out as a method of salvation and prevention: it isn’t, wasn’t, and never has worked.

Covid is an airborne virus, (an established fact), so you can wash you hands till the cows come home, but it won’t stop you from catching it.
Take a deep breath, .. and calm down.

There, you’ve got it!

OK, so where does this Covid virus actually come from?
Answer! – Your clothes! – You are walking through clouds of the **expelled virus when simply moving around.

Expelled in the breath of the infected, whether asymptomatic or not! – An infected person is an incubation factory for Covid, as well as a myriad of other harmless viruses.

Masks do actually work, from you giving it away to others (for free), but they do funk all in preventing you from actually breathing it in. [ Read more ]

The Way:
The covid virus is so small, that millions of them are hitching a ride on the backs of the billions of grains of pollen and other microscopic motes of household dust that surrounds us constantly, and it all builds up on our clothing: we are infecting ourselves.
Take a deep breath, .. and calm down, but wear some PPE as you do!

A simple black bin bag worn across and over your chest will do it.
Now, take a deep breath, .. and finally calm down (for real.)

So: in conclusion, we are our own infectors! And this deadly pathogen; will eventually mutate to be a benign virus, just like the billions of others that you’ve just expelled.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.





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