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Beware the IDS of March

Article created:- March 24, 2021 8:14 pm
Last modified:- July 16, 2021 12:35 pm

Written by:- MJS

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IDS, or IDES says it all really.

IDES is basically the middle, as in the middle of March, which was a hard time when Caesar got given the bullet, and then shafted by his old pal Brutus in the Sennett.
Arseholes come in all shapes and sizes, but in the sennett is a new one to me.

IDS is an ID of an idea, as in an ID of a programming point to deal with.

The websites ID Bullet points are fast approaching their dramatic conclusion, all I have to do now is the JavaScript popup rollovers.

This is a bit long, as it’s an in depth article on what’s been happening at B92 central, and especially the progress of the writeOn website over in the last ten months or so: it also represents a detailed breakdown what I’ve personally achieved and discovered over that period:-

1.) Learned, just what PHP text webpages are, and the role they play in writing your own WordPress theme. Much of that time was devoted to learning all about implementing the new (old) css grid into WordPress, the dreaded (fudge) of floats don’t feature in it either.

Subnote:- there was (is) so much garbage on-line that snobbishly covers the right and tuttingly wrong way of creating your own official WordPress website, and especially its officially prescribed folder structure: that yours truly got well and truly lost in the myriad of upper class bullshit that I ran into back there, (but I gotta’ say here: that its a lot funking easier than them stuffy poxy namby pamby hair-brained floating head programming snobs would have you believe.)

2.) Discovered what developmental environment was best suited for me, can’t be doing with Visual Code at any price. I also discovered some time back, that the Notepad++ text editor is all that you actually need, and of course adding a Local server is a basic requirement for any serious development.

So, armed with a basic understanding of what’s actually required to create a WordPress website, and also armed with several template themes from the many u-Tube tutorials: I eventually began coding my own css grid based site, a unique *sight* that I had in my mind from day one.

Layout{tick!} – Right hand menu cluster leading to the central control column, that in itself: was initially created for my own Book stand display, which is the main reason for this website’s creation in the first place. The actual working framework of the mCars theme is so unique, that you’ll never be able to forget it, {tick!}

Colors{tick!} – the (black) background housing the secondary (deep blue) tones, are a set of hues that subtly link back to the dusty pink (sky blue) and orange information lines, so thusly, do we then make the mCars color theme so unique, that you’ll never want to forget it, {tick!}

Mobile last{tick!} – the WordPress theme squishes up quite nicely with the many css grids that I’ve employed, but even they have trouble with the site being just 300 pixels wide, that said: a floating site would have been just been pumping out raw text by then, but even at that ridiculously squashed up cheap Chinese android mobile screen display, the css grids used are still quite readable. Mobile wise, the site is so unique in its composure compression and color balance, that you’ll never, ever be able to put it from your mind, {tick!}

Help Popups, – {ongoing, but tick!} – I’ve rather grumpily removed BoxZilla, every update of that Plugin comes with yet more and more intrusive, *features* – It’s got to the point of me not trusting any part of it anymore: especially when suggested users and useless features, and even adverts for expensive addons keep constantly popping up on my own Admin backend. So as a result: it’s now gone, and I’ve implemented my own jQuery driven popup iFrame box, not the quickest solution, but much more secure, (in that its my own code.)

Searching for answers, – {not ticked} – When I started down the the Mobile Last route, and had the site compressed for a iPad with the side-bar dropped, (that also had the search bar on it.) I soon discovered that you couldn’t have two search boxes on the same site: being as the Aralia speech function is build right into the WP core itself.

The first work round was to create two functions that switched themselves on and off depending on the screen width, (couldn’t get it to run.)

The second option required a major code creation project, (even at it’s basic configuration: I couldn’t get that to run either.) In the end, I gave up trying to implement my own search function, – done so as it also slowly dawned on me that the subject was far too complex to achieve within my ever reducing time restraints, (10 months on this project is getting slightly ridiculous.)

That said, an awful lot of it was learning how to actually code the WordPress platform in PHP, and that’s something that really is an ongoing task.

As a result of my timely restraints, – I’ve installed a WP Plugin called Ivory Search. Gotta say here that it’s not that bad. In the admin backend, it’s a breeze to simply create your new shiny search boxes. Styling is easy through your styles.css file as well, but only as long as your set the; (can be style externally), – switch first: spit!

Whether this plugin remains useful (or not) is in question, and that’s simply because with all WordPress plugins, the authors want, and nag you constantly to upgrade. In Ivory’s case, the Pro version has added features that I’ll never ever use. It’s also a quite an expensive subscription service that they offer. Additional: the search Plugin has already started to nag me for a five star review, which I know too well is the precursor for a heavy weight advertising blitz demanding that I upgrade.

** I’ve found over time, that the incessant plugin nag screens; personally get me to the point of simply uninstalling the wretched things, as I then personally embark upon my own journey of WP PHP coding rediscovery, (search this watch space.)

Plugins of worth that I’ve installed on my site at the moment, are thusly available for viewing in this iFrame popup.

** My own, owned and heavily edited plugins are to be found here.

Other bullet points on my website for consideration. I’ve ditched all of the WordPress Widgets, which also incudes their unnecessary and unneeded support in my functions.php file: freeing up quite a lot of processor space in the process I might add.

What you see running along the top nav bar, down the (sidebar) and scattered all along the bottom widget areas are all *hard-coded* to my own personal requirements.
Coded using a vanilla PHP dialect I might add, and all combined with using the bog standard WordPress hooks.

Menus: I have, (and am), looking long and hard at the overly complex drag and drop menu system that WordPress employs, with my conclusion being: is that I really don’t need it.

The links to my Pages, Blogs and Books wouldn’t be that hard to include in any article that I create: currently, the Jury’s still out on whether I keep the menu stuff in or not.

Customizer: is something that I don’t use either, being as I’m hard coding all of my colors, no widgets to move or add, with even the menu system under serious consideration, it all actually makes the extensive customizer code found in the functions.php largely irrelevant.

Using the customizer was quite amusing when I initially began learning all about WP Theme design, but I’ve not got much use for it these days.

Nor have I got any use for that pathetic Guttenberg block editor, (piece of nonsense), what a load of old crap that thing is, .. which is also being pushed and heavily promoted by the lily livered American snow-flakes, who simply won’t listen to what the unwashed masses say about it. BTW, the unwashed masses are also the ones who made WordPress what it is today, but where that stupid editor is concerned thou: they are refusing point blank to take our justified concerns seriously.

The casual observations that I’ve stated above, are hard and fast sacrosanct WordPress laws of perfection that I’ve just wantonly broken, done so by even questioning the precious precocious programmers who promote the WordPress core of perfection, people whose perfect design constraints are holding back the software stacks development, (double spit!)

I can do this thing, and actually question their prefect Gutenberg ethos, because I’m never going to put this theme out there as an official repository download: where it fails on so many fronts, mainly because its not gender neutral and has references to even admitting that slavery ever existed.

** Read the Bible folks, the Jews (God’s chosen people), owned lots and lots and lots of them throughout the long ages.

My balanced take on it is this, .. the puritan programming snobs can go to hell with their prescribed layouts and naming conventions, and especially their stupid wet solutions: that in actual fact, save you very little processor time and resource space on your server.

OTT wassocks the lot of em’.

Huummmm! Yes, very balanced.

From above: we smit you down, .. all the narrow minded written tutorials that you’ll ever read on the subject of WP theme production, assume that you’ll want to make your millions on the wonderful new thing that you’re developing, that in actual fact: all look the same at the end of the day, with their block of rolling menus smoothly (rolling) over a static background, and all of them following that terrible (rolling) Guttenberg block design style.

AKA: the twenty twenty one theme, the thing is boring: it’s rubbish, and you can never find the articles that you’re looking for on it; as you inevitably scroll and (roll) past hundreds of bloody boring irrelevant adverts.

Never once do any of the many teachers on-line, working away on their very many u-Tube channels, ever stop to consider why their viewers are following them: because its fun never seems to cross their collective consciousness; they all seem to think that they’re doing something that’s vitally important to your own, (their own) financial development plan, as they then also offer their own private subscription channels, ..

** It’s the classic call to action! The invasive popups that I can’t stand, (Spit!)

So thusly do we make even more money, (the only one making any money is them.)

No, the money grabbers all think that their private tutorial is the breakthrough, that you obviously desperately need to make your own personal fortune, and so the cycle of life begins anew: with the wide eyed pupils creating their own media to privately consume, (at a price.)

Epilogue, .. it’s just like MacDonald employees selling burgers to themselves, and you’ll also see it everywhere you go: for example, within the public html and css forums, where the questions being asked are down right dumb, and all that’s being done is backdoor advertising to their own troubled websites, whereby you’ll find that they are selling Burger revenues to other site operators, and don’t even get me started on the so called (developmental writing forums), that are apparently devoted to cultivating a better writing style, that in actual fact, are just full of bright eyed J K Rowland wanna-bees, eagerly pushing their badly crafted burger placement vampire love stories and meaty stacked books onto other authors: who bright eyed push their own bread roll pattie driven werewolf drivel right back.

Conclusion, .. the world wide web has become a very blind to the process of creating burgers from slaughtered and butchered animals, and also a very greedy place to work in.

That’s it, laters people.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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  1. Burger joints of processed beef flavored cash-banks, .. in reply to me, .. in reply to the wanna-bees making their own honey pots.


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